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FLY TO BHUTAN feel that travel is an important part of life. To us traveling is a quest to understand the world and our place in it. It is not about checking sites off a list. Rather, it is about exploring new ideas, examining diverse cultures, and meeting different people that lead to a deeper education that enriches your life. Only through travel and exploring the unknown do we truly open our eyes, hearts, and minds to the beauty the world has to offer. FLY TO BHUTAN offers personalized services for your trip to Bhutan, the world’s last Shangri-La. We will create an authentic visit featuring local foods, interaction with the people and tours that are off the beaten path. Whether you choose a predetermined itinerary or allow us to create a custom journey, you can be assured that we will meet your every need to ensure the trip of a lifetime. Our guides are highly experienced locals who speak up to seven languages including English, German, Japanese and Spanish. They have an intimate knowledge of the landscape and people and are passionate about sharing their majestic country. You may choose to select a tour through our main office in Paro, Bhutan, or through one of our travel partners located in your country. Either way, you will receive service beyond your expectations. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards to ensure that you will have an encounter that is free of worry and filled with fun, beauty and inspiration.
Each of our tour is carefully designed to capture the very best of Bhutan. You travel at an appropriate pace for your selected journey, enjoy meeting the local people, and make discoveries off-the-beaten-path that only our seasoned guides have knowledge of all itineraries or custom trips are open to groups and private travelers alike. No matter how you choose to travel through Bhutan, you will be immersed in a culture that is unspoiled by tourism. You will meet some of the friendliest people in the world and experience an exotic land that offers stunning natural beauty, green valleys, and snow capped Himalayan peaks. You will marvel at a landscape that is dotted with Buddhist spiritual symbols including ancient cliff dwelling monasteries, religious chortens, and of course the colorful prayer flags that are famous in Buddhist nations.

it is also well designed and equipped in servicing Conference Booking and Management, Hotel reservations, domestic flight booking, all accommodation in Hotels, Safari Lodges, Resorts, Luxury Tented Camps, Adventure Camping Safaris, and many more. We are very careful in choosing properties to match each traveler’s whim and financial backdrop.

We envisage in developing ourselves as an indigenously owned tourism company and work with our domestic and international partners collaboratively. In doing so, we will be enhancing our network in providing first-rate flexible service to our clients, promote tourism destination in the world and continue maintaining the long-term development plans for tourism sector.
Offering the best of services in hotel arrangement, visa/permit for transportation, guiding service, flexibility in custom designing your tour packages with personalized assistance from our expert or simply choosing our default designs constitutes the framework towards a happy vacationing with us.
Company Value
We have established ourselves as one strong, vibrant, reliable, and dynamic company that guarantees quality customer service and enjoys the feedback from our clients – a platform to dwell upon, think over, and add necessary improvements.

Fly to Bhutan strictly adheres by the conduct of Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). Anything processed via TCB is in the interest and protection of nation’s identity, sovereignty, and security. TCB/Tour Operator will keep all your paper works/information confidential and will be disclosed only if the government demands under the circumstance that you are found guilty of violating any of nation’s law.
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